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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Papa's Birthday Picnic

A Day At The Beach - July 15,  2012

One of the nice things about having a birthday in the summer is being able to spend it getting sand between our toes, eating sandwiches and having fresh fruit dripping down our chins!  Papa (aka: Larry) has his birthday in July and his favorite way to spend it is heading down to Reid State Park (also where we got married) to spend with our kids and grandkids :)  

Of course its my favorite time to snap some shots of the people I love most!!  

Papa's Too Funny!

Strolling along looking for hermit crabs

Sun, Sand & Water!

Mr Coooool :)

A Little Snuggle Time
Best Of Pals :)

An afternoon we won't forget!  
I think I'm still getting the sand out of my shoes :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Audrey's Senior Photo Session

Had a great time hanging out and taking senior photos with Ms. Audrey!  We explored the Mid Coast and even made a couple of new friends!  As well as being absolutely gorgeous, Audrey was a pleasure to work with and editing such a beautiful girl didn't take much effort on my part!  The camera LOVES her!

My First Blog!

Maine's Shuttah Bug Photography specializes in offering photography with an photo-journalistic & artist's edge. Taking photos and sharing these images with others has always been my passion and using various effects to enhance my artwork gives even more character and interest to the final shot! 

 Welcome to my Shuttah Bug Blog! I'm excited to be working my passion and want to share all the fun I'm having so I've joined the blogging world and hope to bring you lots of new photos and ideas!  I've been taking picture since the late eighties and what was once a hobby became a passion and is now bordering on obsession!  Today's technologies have paved a way for fabulous photos and new artistry!  

Lots of people tell me how they hate having their photos done and that usually shows in the final results. So my style is a more of a personal photo experience.  I don't want to just take your picture...I want you to enjoy the whole process!  We'll get to know each other and ease into the sessions while taking the focus (pardon the pun) off the camera and putting it on you!   Everybody is different as is each situation and photo shoot, so I don't put tight time limits on sessions either.  You never know what surprises the day will bring and sometimes that's where the real magic happens!

Trust me with your precious memories!!  Want more information?  

or find me on Facebook!